Has The Penny Dropped With O'Neill?

04 February 2013 08:25
Many Sunderland fans want to see Martin O'Neill reconsider Steven Fletcher's role in the team following the recent arrival of Danny Graham from Swansea.

Fletcher has carried the load up front on his own this season since his arrival from Wolves in August, and the stats show we have the worst "shots on target" score of any side in the Premiership.

That says a lot, and the performance at SOL against Swansea just confirmed how badly we are struggling up front.

And if Graham is just a substitute for the Scottish international, he is no better off than he was at Swansea.

Apparently the penny has dropped and O'Neill feels that, following the signing of Graham he "may be able to deploy Fletcher in a different role".

Martin O'Neill: "We'll see, we'll develop something with them - I don't see it being a problem.

"Steven Fletcher, although he's been brilliant as a centre-forward, I think can drop in and easily play in another position.

"We'll see what develops with the two of them playing together."

Source: Sunderland-Mad