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Gyan emerges as a tight arse!


26 Jul 2012 12:58:39

Gyan emerges as a tight arse!

Money bags Asamoah still to fork out on charity promise. Minted striker Asamoah Gyan has still not fore filled his promise to donate £100,000 to Sunderland’s Foundation charity which helps needy kids in the North East.  Gyan offered the money to SAFC as a good will gesture for letting him go to Al-Ain, in which he has now earned over 10 million tax free from the deal.

The move came as a bit of an eyebrow raiser as basically signing for Al-Ain is like moving from a Prem team to a third division club while he is still in his prime, of course the move was nothing to do with how much Gyan would receive!




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