Geordie Boy - Let's See If You Are Fit To Wear Our Shirt!

29 March 2013 11:36
Martin O'Neill believes Steven Fletcher's absence will bring out the best in Danny Graham.

Martin O’Neill: “I think he can thrive in this. I really think he can.

“Obviously, you don’t want to be putting undue pressure on him to come in and do something, but I think this might well work in his favour.

“In an ideal world it would have been great if Danny had come in and made the same kind of start.

“It would have settled him down, but it didn’t happen.

“However he has scored goals in this league before, and once he gets up and running and off the mark, the rest should follow.

“It’s a massive challenge for them and for us, but he and Connor Wickham have to see it as an opportunity to come in and shine.”


Source: Sunderland-Mad