Did Ref Get It Sadly Wrong?

25 February 2013 12:53
Martin O'Neill is now questioning the "consistency" of referees after Sunderland dropped back towards trouble.

Gareth McAuley clearly handled the ball after Adam Johnson’s first-half stoppage-time drive.

Martin O’Neill: “It is particularly galling, with the contentious refereeing decisions. All I am asking for is consistency.

“We were given directives at the start of the season about people putting themselves and their arms in an unnatural position.

"That might not be the right word I don’t know.

“First of all I thought it might have been harsh against Craig (Gardner), but I have seen it back and it is a penalty kick, but it is the same incident at the other end as well.

“The player has put his arm out, if he holds it down and it hits him it is a definite issue.

“That is really frustrating.

“Eventually by Tuesday the performance will be forgotten about and it is down as a result and we need to win some matches, we know that.

"In the last three games we have played we have played Reading and we could have won that before they did in the last two minutes.

“Arsenal we put unbelievable pressure on and should have got something out of and here I don’t care what anybody says we should have taken something out of it.”

Source: Sunderland-Mad