Did 4/10 Cattermole Let Down The Team?

21 October 2013 05:30
Lee Cattermole says the squad must keep believing following the defeat at Swansea.

A Sunday newspaper reporter HAMMERED the majority of the Sunderland players for the 4-0 thrashing at Swansea, giving Cattermole 4/10 and Phil Bardsley 2/10.

Lee Cattermole: “I think in the first half you could see our shape looked good and I don’t think Swansea had a shot.

“There were a couple of times we broke on the counter and a great strike from a corner we worked on – when you’re at the bottom you find things don’t go your way.

“Just after half time Bardo missed a good chance and if we could have just gone in front and had that bit of hope, but it didn’t happen – at the moment it’s not happening but we need to stick together and set the standards in training and help each other along.

“Every week you go out thinking we can do it this week and we’re working really hard, but then you’re out there and it’s a different situation – the ball doesn’t drop for you – it goes in off someone’s thigh.

“We need to keep going – I believe it can turn and I’m sure the other players do, if they don’t they better start believing.

“We’ve got to work hard, the head coach has come in and we need to play the way he wants us to.

“That’s why the club have appointed him. You’ll see changes in the team and we need to be patient and hope it’ll turn.

“All we can do is give our best – we really appreciate the support we’ve had from the fans, especially coming all the way down to Swansea  - I know it’s a long way. Believe me, the players are just as frustrated as they are.”


Source: Sunderland-Mad