Di Canio's First Visit To SOL

19 April 2013 03:38
Paolo Di Canio has been to the Stadium of Light for the first time.

The Italian, whose first two games in charge have been on the road at Chelsea and Newcastle, was blown away and is relishing the chance to step into the home dugout for the first time.

Paolo Di Canio: “I can’t wait.

“It would be fantastic to give more satisfaction to our fans after what happened last week.

“It will be my first time as a manager so I wanted to be sure I didn’t lose myself inside the stadium or make a wrong turn!

“It is an amazing stadium – the main entrance is fantastic, the dressing room, everything.

“When we walked onto the field it was amazing to imagine 43,000 or more people coming to see Sunderland.

“There is high excitement at this moment.”

Source: Sunderland-Mad