Di Canio - We Must Show Our Character

12 April 2013 06:00
Paolo Di Canio is a man who wears his heart on his sleeve, sometimes to his detriment, but he knows derby day is one for cool heads.

Paolo Di Canio: "We know what happened last year. It wasn't a very friendly game.

"We have to make sure, even if I can't wait - already it is easy to imagine that the players are going to give everything - but we have to show our character, we have to drive our energy in a positive way.

"We know sometimes, some players can lose their temper maybe because they want to show the fans they can be proud of them, and they can do something that puts the team in trouble.

"I will try to persuade them to use their energy to score a goal and to defend well to beat them and maybe celebrate the victory.

"We know [the suspended] Craig [Gardner] is out, unfortunately, because he is a real warrior, but we have other players that we have to make sure they are okay and they use their energy in the right way."

Source: Sunderland-Mad