Di Canio Tells The Board To Splash The Cash!

16 May 2013 12:46
PaoloDi Canio is hopeful Sunderland can land six new faces during the summer.

Paolo Di Canio: "Six or seven new players, yes that number could be a right, a bit less or a bit more, it depends. But approximately, the number is right. We will see.

“We need more than a few. I don’t want to say ‘a lot’, because you never know what ‘a lot’ means, but we need to refresh the squad for many reasons.

“We’ve had big problems with injuries and having to play many young players.

“We’ve missed players. On Sunday, we’ll be travelling with four kids, it means we haven’t got many players, especially up front.

“I have already made it clear what I would like.

“But I want to focus my attention on the next game.

“It’s clear what I would like to happen, to build a team and play football that the fans will enjoy.”

Source: Sunderland-Mad