Di Canio Slams Player''s With Flip-Flops On Their Mind!

20 May 2013 11:46
Paolo Di Canio says some of his players were too concerned about holidays that turning out for the team!

Paolo Di Canio: "Some player that couldn''t involve (himself) in my squad today decided: I don''t train today."

The animated Sunderland boss said, slamming the table with fury.

"They make that diagnosis. He didn''t go to the Academy of Light because he said ''yesterday I had poisoned food''. Sorry.

"The doctor tried to contact him. His phone was switched off for three hours.

"This is the situation at Sunderland.

"Maybe I tell you this and tonight they sack me? I don''t know but if you want to change something you have to follow me.

"These players will not be here next year. Not under me.

"The owner and I are going to sit at the table and go through but he knows many things.

"I spoke to him before by telephone and he told me we are going to change many things.

"This is what he told me before. (He said) ''Relax, don''t worry because we are going to change many things'' so it sounds like he supports me completely. We will see in the future.

"The next few days we will be together.

"Previously some people organised during the week to go from London to Hawaii, Miami. They were thinking about organising their bags, four or five of them were talking about going together with their wives and girlfriends. Not possible.

"Today we fly back to Sunderland, our city, as a team.

"We stay tomorrow together for a sponsors event, then they can go on holiday."




Source: Sunderland-Mad