Di Canio - Rome Isn't As Tough As Sunderland

12 April 2013 05:58
Paolo di Canio cannot wait to experience "one of the toughest" derbies in world football.

Paolo di Canio: "I can't wait, I can't wait. We live for it. We live to win cups or we live to qualify for the Europa League, to play in the Champions League, we live to play at the top level.

"But you know here, the result can change the mood for the derby next year because there is a joke between the fans. They work together at the office.

"I know what is going on - in Rome it is similar, even if here it is more tough because we are talking about two different cities very close.

"This one is very, very tough. We know for what reason - Celtic v Rangers, there is a fire in this derby for not only sports reasons, we all know this.

"But this one is one of the toughest, in my opinion, in the world and I am more than happy to have this chance."

Source: Sunderland-Mad