Di Canio - 'Players Are Like Piranhas!'

19 May 2013 01:54
Paolo Di Canio has outlined the standards he expects from Sunderland's squad. And he says that discipline was not the reason why Roberto Mancini was dismissed

Paolo Di Canio: “It’s easy to speculate in these moments, but I don’t agree completely.

“It’s not easy when you’ve got big egos like (Carlos) Tevez. It’s difficult when you have seven hot-head players.

“With Mancini he found a simple difficulty. He had seven top hot-head footballers. One or two you can handle, but not five, six, seven.

“Also the players they are piranhas. They smell if you are weak.

“They were far from Man United, they went out of the Champions League and Mancini started something political with the board.

“The players know. They saw a fault.

“It is easy for them to say now we relax.

“For modern footballers, it is easy. It is tough to find devotion for the manager in the modern generation.

“Respect is simple, but devotion is difficult. If they think you are weak, it will change the dynamic.

“We have to push to the maximum because we need to change the mentality.

“When I came to England, three players had hernias.

“Why can’t you stay one hour before training (on core strengthening)? That is your job.

“Otherwise you will spend three months out.

“You only play to 60 per cent of your capability because if you push too much you will hurt.

“I wasn’t an incredible athlete, but I looked after my body. At 38, I qualified for the Europa League.”

Source: Sunderland-Mad


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