Di Canio? He's Off The Wall!

08 April 2013 05:01
QPR manager Harry Redknapp insists the enthusiasm of "off the wall" Paolo Di Canio could inspire relegation-threatened Sunderland.

Harry Redknapp: "Paolo's off the wall.

"He's volatile but enthusiastic and you want enthusiastic people around you in life.

"He's up for it and loves it when he wins.

"Hopefully from his point of view it will rub off on the players.

"They'll become more enthusiastic and the crowd will get involved.

"He's a great trainer and is super fit.

"I heard the new manager of Swindon said he can't believe how fit the players arehe can't believe he has taken over a squad that is so fit. I can believe that with Paolo."

Source: Sunderland-Mad