Cuellar 'Let's Concentrate On Positives'

23 May 2013 01:44
Carlos Cuellar says there is no excuse for Sunderland's wretched league position this season.

Carlos Cuellar: “The main thing is we achieved our objective of staying up.

“I know the way we got it probably wasn’t the best, but that was the main thing over the last few games.

“But no one can be happy with the finishing position this year because of the quality we’ve got in the team.

“Everyone hoped to do much better than the performances we have done through the whole year.

“Of course, we had a few good games.

“But we have to work hard on our consistency.

“The quality of the squad is good, but that’s no excuse for our performances.

“We have to think about what we’ve done wrong during the year in the summer because we’ve done too many things badly.

“There’s been some good things, yes, but we have to try to improve and make sure we don’t repeat our mistakes next year.

“If we can come back stronger with the new manager, then we have to be ready to start again with new players.

“We have been missing some big players through injuries or suspensions.

“But in the last seven games, other than Aston Villa, there have been positives to take after we’ve been working very hard in training.”


Source: Sunderland-Mad