Chelsea Lie In Wait - But For Who?

06 November 2013 12:46
Kelvin Davis endured a tough time at Sunderland, and he returns tonight.

Saints goalkeeper Davis said his time at Sunderland "doesn't mean anything" right now.

Kelvin Davis: "It's been such a long time since I was at Sunderland and they've certainly had their ups and downs since I left there, and I have as well.

"So a lot of water has gone under the bridge since my days there, but you always want to do well - firstly for the team you're playing in and for yourself as well.

"The fact we're at Sunderland has no bearing really on what I want to achieve.

"It wasn't a successful period in my career, but I certainly look back on it as a learning period in my career.

"There are things that I learned while I was there that I use today and obviously make you stronger and give you different experiences.

"It's a fantastic club and a fantastic stadium, and when things are going well there everything goes well - but, likewise, when it's not going so well it can go the other way, and that's a certain situation for them at the moment that affects them.

"They've changed their manager and they're certainly in a difficult period at the moment, but it's of no interest to me as we're just looking to progress into the next round of the cup.

"We've got a strong squad and an ambitious group of players which the manager and the chairman have put together, and we're all looking to play as many games as we can to progress.

"I think there's a genuine desire amongst all the lads to be in the first team and I think, with the results putting us in a different position, we're pushing all the time.

"I speak for myself and the other lads that get their chance in this competition that of course you want to do well and show the manager if any changes are needed then you're ready and you're prepared to wait for your opportunity.

"If you stay professional, then it's an opportunity for everyone who steps out on the pitch on Wednesday to do that."




Source: Sunderland-Mad