Bruce continues bargain search

25 September 2009 09:54
Sunderland manager Steve Bruce will continue to scour the South American market for new talent to bolster his Black Cats squad. Bruce brought in a number of players from the continent during his spell in charge at Wigan Athletic and he continues to look for a bargain buy. He told The Journal: "We will try anywhere and look anywhere for potential Sunderland players. "We have spent a lot of time in South America again and only two weeks ago Eric Black, my assistant, was out there and Ricky Sbragia was out there as well, so obviously we have got a connection out there that we are not going to lose. "I know Honduras, I know Ecuador, I know Paraguay and I know their national teams and their squads inside out, because obviously I have had a bit of success there. I hope that I can continue to do that. "South America is still a bit primitive. So it takes something there to achieve. "To get better you have to have a better training ground and better facilities that's for sure. We have proved that often enough, but still your grounding stays with you. "The problem we have got when it comes to that part of the world is work permits. "I could go over to Argentina and Brazil tomorrow and buy ten players for two million quid just like that. "That would be very easily done, but you can't get them in because of work permits and the regulations."

Source: ESA