Bruce Promoted - But Takes Swipe At Sunderland!

05 May 2013 10:51
An emotionally-drained Steve Bruce revealed some of his Hull squad were so nervous they were "hiding in toilets" when their promotion was confirmed.

Bruce and his squad endured "torture" as they were made to wait on the outcome of Watford's result against Leeds after their own pulsating encounter against champions Cardiff, which had a sending off, two penalties and a mini pitch invasion in the final eight minutes, finished 2-2.

When the final whistle sounded in East Yorkshire there was still plenty of time left at Vicarage Road because of a first-half injury and one goal would have seen the Hornets finish second.

Yet it was Brian McDermott's men who would get the goal which gave Leeds a 2-1 win and sparked joyous celebrations for Bruce and his men back in the bowels of their stadium.

Steve Bruce: "I've been in the game a long, long time and I don't think I've ever seen or witnessed anything quite like that.

"The 10, 12 minutes was just ridiculous and having to wait We've seen people in tunnels, people walking in corridors, people hiding in toilets, it was just really incredible.

"And for Leeds to score, it was just remarkable and just shows you how difficult a league this is. To get up without any strikers for three months is just a remarkable testament to this squad.

"They might not be as naturally talented but they're a great bunch and they've got a huge desire which has took us where we wanted to be.

"I don't think I've ever been supporting Leeds but wow, for Leeds United to do it for me is remarkable.

"Hopefully, I've proved to a few people that I'm not bad at what I do.

"I took over a team that had avoided relegation on the last day.

"We finished 13th in the first year, 10th in the second, balanced the books and then I got the sack after 11 games. Of course it hurt me. I thought I'd get a chance and it didn't happen.

"But then you dust yourself down because you have to work hard for the chance to work at a club like Sunderland, and it's taken away from you.

"So you have to rebuild yourself and it's tough. Then you have to get ready for a challenge again."

Source: Sunderland-Mad