Bramble Has Worked Out Sunderland's Problem

11 March 2013 04:24
Titus Bramble may hardly reach double figures in an IQ test, but he knows where Sunderland are going wrong .

The former Wigan defender claims: “We’re conceding far too many goals and not scoring enough either."

Well knock me down with a shit-stick.

So THAT'S the problem.

Ww would never have known.

Titus Bramble: “The first one got a deflection and the second came from a soft foul, but we had to deal with the ball into the box better.

“The second and third goals were two great strikes, but as a team, we’ve got to do better in closing them down and stopping the efforts coming in.

“We went a goal up and should have grown in confidence from that.

“But they got a second wind with the equaliser and came on strong in the second half and got a couple more goals.

“Even after they have equalised, we should have had the confidence that we could get ourselves back ahead.

“But we’re conceding far too many goals and not scoring enough either.

“We need to get back to basics, put a shift in and stop this run of bad results.”

Source: Sunderland-Mad


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