Black Cats Boss Gives Relegation Warning!

15 April 2013 10:59
Paolo Di Canio has warned his Sunderland players their stunning derby victory at Newcastle will count for nothing if they get relegated.

14 Norwich 35 15 Sunderland 34 16 Stoke City 34 17 A Villa 34 18 Wigan  31 19 QPR 24 20 Reading 24

Paolo Di Canio: "I can't forget that I was manager at Swindon - it was my start and it was crucial.

"I won the league, I won many important games in the cup - when you are a League Two side and you beat Wigan, a Premier League side, it's an important moment for the club's history.

"But when you arrive at the top - because the Premier League is the top league in the world in my opinion, this is why I want to stay in England, because I love the people, I love the league, I love the atmosphere, the fans - and you win one of the hottest derbies in the world.

"It's difficult to find two cities very close, 15 miles [apart] that play at the top level, and they fight for the kingdom in this area.

"Today we won 3-0 away from home, three points, it's a fantastic moment.

"Now I have to tell you as a single game, it's the most important game for me - but it's nothing if we don't stay up."

Source: Sunderland-Mad