Bitter Mancini Strikes Out At His Players And 'Lucky' Sunderland!

27 December 2012 11:05
Roberto Mancini accused his players of being too soft against "lucky" Sunderland.

Roberto Mancini: "We deserved to win this game. We had a lot of chances, we played well, but we didn't score.

"This is our problem, we don't score, we don't score enough goals to win the game.

"Last year, we scored one, two, three goals every game. Now when we have chances, we are too soft and this is not good.

"We are too soft in attack, too soft when we have chances, too soft when we shoot.

"Sometimes we don't shoot, we want to have one touch more. This is not good.

"I think they [Sunderland] are really lucky against us at home because you can't create every time 15, 20 chances like this year, last year, two years ago and in the end, you lose the game.

"They are very lucky against us. They defend well, but we need to be stronger when we have a chance to score."

Source: Sunderland-Mad


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