Better Be The 'Hunter' Than Sunderland!

12 March 2013 05:44
QPR are certainly milking the fact they finally picked up back-to-back wins in this stint in the Premier League. One London reporter had the headlines: "Better be the Hunter than the Hunted".

That reporter wrote: "It’s easier being the hunter than the hunted. You know what you have to do beforehand.

"The potential difficulty comes if QPR climb out of the drop zone. They will become the hunted and the pressure switches back on to them."

Personally, I think that is utter rubbish!

You ask Redknapp where he would rather be - in the relegation zone - or out of it?

In truth, the Black Cats were woeful, seldom testing Rob Green in the Rangers goal and they obliged Harry Redknapp's attacking obtions by sitting back and trying to hit QPR on the counter.

Harry Redknapp: “[Sunderland manager] Martin [O’Neill] will be thinking, a point stops us getting three. It depends where you are [in the league].

“We need wins. We were 1-1 [at Southampton] with 20 minutes to go from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2 and we go the goal.

“I felt we had to have a go and get the win. Let’s have a go. It opened us up a bit in midfield and that’s we did. We need wins and to be positive really.”

Source: Sunderland-Mad