Beating Toon Brought A Three-Day Party

02 May 2013 07:22
Paolo Di Canio is desperate for Sunderland to restore some local pride by ignoring the praise of the fans, which the Italian claims can give his players "too much confidence".

Paolo Di Canio: "After Newcastle, it was a three-day party for the fans, the players became heroes.

"I couldn't go 400 yards for a haircut. In Sunderland, there is a passion like Naples.

"You can't go out because a butcher comes out with meat saying, 'It's for you, for your family'."You couldn't go into the town, I couldn't believe it.

"Even in the street during the day, I went 300 hundred yards and 20 people stopped me. Many girls came and hugged me and I was wondering what was going on.

"I couldn't imagine this passion. I can imagine the players around the town."But we have to make sure for the future that there can't be too much positive poison because otherwise we are going to lose because we are worried, or because we have too much confidence.

"It's another experience for me. It was very tough, the first time I had lost 6-1 with my team in front of our fans at a crucial moment of the season."But because the analysis we made was clear, I am sure that we can lose, we can draw, we can win, but on Monday night, we are going to perform in a proper way. I can guarantee this."

Source: Sunderland-Mad