Battle Of The Mega-Mouths - Di Canio v Kinnear!

19 June 2013 02:02
Sunderland's Press office have been very quiet about Roberto De Fanti, the new director of football.

When he was “unveiled” we were told: “De Fanti, who has many years of experience in football, has worked closely with (new chief scout Valentino) Angeloni on player recruitment at both Udinese and Inter Milan and has an extensive network of contacts throughout the game.

“He also assisted with the appointment of the club’s head coach.”

And that was it.

Before he had even started his new job at Newcastle United, Joe Kinnear ensured that was not the case with him.

Kinnear has hijacked national headlines this week, turning Newcastle into a circus (once again).

The trouble is, like our own Paolo Di Canio, Kinnear cannot be a silent partner.

He rants and raves, but unlike Di Canio, he hasn't got a brain cell in his head.

He talks . then he thinks! And his interview on Sunday was full of . not half-truths . more blatant LIES!

He talked of players he said he had signs, and the likes of James Perch said: "I've never met the bloke!"

Today Derek Llambias resigned, and it's all kicking off.

Alan Pardew will be the first Premiership manager to walk, there's no doubt about it, so now is the time to rub their noses in the shit.

Who has the biggest mouth - Kinnear or Di Canio?

I know who talks the most sense!

Source: Sunderland-Mad