Adam Johnson Winning No Friends With City Comments

27 March 2013 11:01
Adam Johnson is desperate to rekindle his England career . but he needs to produce some league form to catch the eye.

Sorry, but he's winning no friends with his Michael Owen-type comments: "I play better in a great team, rather than one fighting relegation".

Adam Johnson: "Playing for a winning team that's flying is so much better, and it's difficult when you are in a bit of a battle.

"My personal form could be better and we are going through a tough time as a club. All those factors have a bearing on the squad.

"It's difficult to watch from the outside. I have got to work hard and do my best to get back in that squad.

"I have been in a few squads with England with Roy Hodgson as manager. Hopefully I'm not being forgotten about. I have got to keep working on my game and when we pick up hopefully I will come back."

Perhaps we wouldn't be in a relegation spot if he played well more often!


Source: Sunderland-Mad