A 'Health' Warning For McClean - From Ireland!

04 March 2013 10:10
Aidan O'Hara of the Irish Independent has told James McClean - if he wants to play in England - GIVE REPECT TO THE COUNTRY!

Aidan O'Hara: "On Saturday, if he didn't know it already, James McClean discovered if you're going to be different, you'd better be good enough to back it up.

"McClean was booed by sections of the Sunderland supporters when he was brought on as a substitute after they had completed a comeback from 2-0 down at home against Fulham.

"McClean is struggling for form and confidence in one of the most competitive leagues in the world. He might have been criticised for not wearing a poppy on his jersey, but the subsequent auction for charity would have served him well in mitigation.

"His profile picture on the social media network was of him holding a plaque with the inscription 'Welcome to Free Derry' and he says his favourite song is 'Broad Black Brimmer' by the Wolfe Tones.

"If you are plying your trade in a country that wouldn't be overly fond of Irish republicanism, it's not the wisest career move to be putting such personal views into the public domain.

"There's a school of thought that argues McClean is entitled to his view and shouldn't be forced to conform, but that rather misses the point that the player needs to be clever enough not to put himself, repeatedly, in such situations.

"It's the sort of argument that could be put forward in an ideal world, where for example, somebody could walk around a busy Irish town on the day of an Old Firm game wearing a Rangers jersey simply because they like the team.

"If anybody wants to try it for experimental purposes, I promise to visit them in hospital."


Source: Sunderland-Mad