13 Sunderland Youngsters Earn Contracts

20 March 2013 02:00
Five player are set to go . but 13 sign new deals.

Ryan Noble (pictured right) is one of five players who will be released when their current contracts run out, with Adam Reed, Ben Wilson, Wade Joyce and Anthony Callaghan also set to depart.

Craig Lynch has earned himself a new deal, along with Joel Dixon, John Egan, David Ferguson, Alex Gorrin, Scott Harrison, Billy Knott, Jordan Laidler, Craig Lynch, Liam Marrs, Adam Mitchell, Connor Oliver and Jordan Watson.

Sunderland’s senior professional development coach Kevin Ball: “Ryan, Adam and Ben are three more ‘senior’ players who have been at the club a long time so it is upsetting to let them go, but all are at the stage of their careers now where, for their own good, they need to be getting their careers going by playing first-team football.

“Wade has been given the option of finding another club and is currently on trial at Sheffield Wednesday, where hopefully he’ll get fixed up.

“Anthony Callaghan is injured at the moment and we’re working hard to get him fit, hopefully match fit enough so he can get the opportunity to go on trial.

“This gives them a big opportunity and we hope they’ll stay, but they have to understand that a new contract doesn’t give them a right to play in the first team.

“It is up to them to work hard and keep progressing.”


Source: Sunderland-Mad