Blues' survival prospects improve

10 February 2009 12:39
He said they were struggling to meet wages of about £250,000-a-year as well as pay creditors with outstanding bills.It prompted fans to set up Save Stranraer FC.Mr McQuistin said the appeal had generated £1,500 in its first week and several fund-raising events had been planned.A trust has now been set up with the aim of helping the club clear its debts.Mr McQuistin said: "The Friends of Stranraer FC plan to raise the funds to pay the creditors the money they are owed, this is the initial purpose of the trust."It is then hoped a supporters trust can be set up to help with youth development and other aspects of the club."As a result of the action taken by ourselves and the club to reduce the wage bill, things are beginning to look up already," said Mr McQuistin."I would say our chances of survival are now greater than 90%, a far cry from the chairman's assessment of a couple of weeks ago."Every day that goes by that we receive donations is another day nearer survival."

Source: BBC_Sport