Shawcross defends under-fire tacklers

08 October 2010 11:06
Stoke City captain Ryan Shawcross claims recent criticism of Karl Henry and Nigel de Jong has been unfair. Henry of Wolves and Manchester City's de Jong have both been condemned in the media for tackles which have resulted in broken legs. Shawcross himself is no stranger to controversy following his tackle which left Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey with a double leg fracture last season. But the 23-year-old defender has leapt to the defence of his contemporaries after suggesting that mis-timed tackles are a consequence of the speed Premier League football is now played at. Asked if recent criticism was over the top, he replied: "Yes, sometimes it is. The likes of Henry and de Jong I'm sure didn't go out to injure another player on purpose. "It's part and parcel of football. They are tough-tackling central midfielders whose games are based on making tackles, winning the ball and then giving it to the ball-players. Sometimes injuries are caused. "You have just got to accept in these times, with the ball moving so fast and the player moving so fast, you are going to mis-time tackles. That is when injuries can happen."

Source: ESA

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