Tonge considers Tevez action

19 March 2009 10:43
Michael Tonge has admitted he is one of the former Sheffield United players considering taking legal action over the Carlos Tevez affair.[LNB] The 25-year-old was relegated with the Blades after Tevez helped West Ham stay up in 2007 - although West Ham's signing of the Argentina international broke Premier League rules.[LNB]Sheffield United have successfully battled to win compensation from West Ham and the two clubs agreed an out-of-court settlement earlier this week.[LNB]Former Blades boss Neil Warnock has admitted he is looking into the situation with a view to taking legal action and now Tonge admits he is also ready to do the same.[LNB]"I'm just waiting to see what comes of it. I'm not taking it upon myself to make a claim, but might consider joining one," said Tonge, who is now with Stoke City.[LNB]"It's not something I'm thinking too much about at the moment. I'm sure things will start to be resolved over the next few weeks, so they may become clearer then.[LNB]"West Ham have admitted they have done something wrong and I think it should have been sorted out in that season.[LNB]"It wouldn't have been brought up as much if Carlos Tevez hadn't played such a prominent part in West Ham staying up.[LNB]"Maybe if he were a defender it wouldn't have been such a big deal, but he scored lots of goals, including the one at Manchester United on the last day that kept them up."[LNB]BattleWhile Tonge is looking at the Tevez situation, his main concern is trying to win a place back in Stoke's first-team.[LNB]"Not playing is frustrating, but the most important thing is that this club stays in the Premier League. Then, we can take things from there," he said.[LNB]"I would take not playing again this season if that meant us staying up. In the situation we are in, I don't want to bring any disappointment or frustration to the squad.[LNB]"We have a really big squad and everyone is pulling in the right direction. But it would only take one or two players not to do that to affect things.[LNB]"I will be supporting whoever the manager sends out to get the right results. I think we'll stay up, although it won't be easy."[LNB]

Source: SKY_Sports