Stoke v Wigan Live!

16 May 2009 02:37
And that's it Stoke leap-frog Wigan with a win on their last home game of the season.

90+3 Whelan strikes it, but it's over the bar.

90+2 Shawcross is grounded by Edman and Stoke have a dangerous free-kick on the right.

90+1 Three added minutes announced.

90 Watson takes the free-kick but Whelan sees it away. N'Zogbia comes forward but it's a Stoke goal-kick.

89 Mido wins a tussle with Faye and then the Stoke captain bundles him to the ground.

88 Wigan have possession in their own half, which Stoke won't mind. The Latics work it right but give the ball away cheaply and the hosts try to break with Cresswell but the sub finds aluminous green shirts.

87 SUB: Beattie comes off to a loud round of applause and Cresswell comes onto the field.

86 N'Zogbia shows great skill to beat three Stoke men in the box but Shawcross does superbly and Stoke win a goal-kick.

85 Sorensen saves a corner and keeps possession for Stoke. However that is only temporary as they go long and give Wigan the ball.

84 The ball is pumped up-field and Wigan win a free-kick. Wigan work possession up-field.

83 Wigan have a throw-in which Edman takes but Stoke deal with the danger and clear. Scharner picks up the loose ball and tries to search out Mido in the box but Stoke have a free-kick.

82 SUB: Edman comes on as Wigan make their final sub and Figueroa comes off.

81 Lawrence lifts it into the penalty area but Kingston does well and holds onto the ball.

80 Diao clashes with Mido as both subs go for the ball and Stoke have a free-kick.

79 Stoke are enjoying themselves as Lawrence tees up Fuller from wide right but the striker can't get his header on target.

78 The Stoke faithful are in raptors as it looks like their last home game of the season is going to end on a huge high.

Etherington's run made the second goal and he showed excellent bravery to loft the ball over Kingston to set up Beattie.

77 SUB: Etherington's last action was assist for the second as he comes off the field with Diao coming on.

76 GOAL BEATTIE!! Beattie heads home from Etherington's assist and that should be the match right there.

75 Kingston does well to save a corner, or does he?! as Stoke have a throw-in. Lawrence picks up the loose ball on the other side of the field and tests Kingston.

74 SUB: Brown comes off and Mido comes on as Bruce tries to get his side back into the game. Looks like Wigan are going 4-4-2 too.

73 Beattie concedes a free-kick in Wigan's half.

72 Beattie tries his luck from distance but he cant find the target.

71 Back on the pitch, Lawrence tries a speculative effort which goes out for a corner. Watson then nearly turns the ball into his own net but for a great save by Kingston and finally the pressure is eased when Etherington's shot is saved.

70 Fuller gets into double figures with a strike which he had four bites of the cherry before finding the top corner with a right-foot shot. The striker was teasing the Wigan's defence there.

69 GOAL FULLER! Wigan have the ball on the right, Cattermole loses possession though and Fuller has it, he tries to bundle his way through and it's in!

68 Rodallega nearly latched onto a through ball just then, but Stoke have it and they try to break. Kingston picks up the loose ball as Stoke's move breaks down.

67 Stoke come on the counter with Whelan finding Beattie in the box. The striker wants too much time and Wigan come on the counter.

66 Wigan work it on the left, N'Zogbia skins Wilkinson but his cross passes everybody by.

65 Stoke are coming into this game now, and they have a throw-in which Delap uses a towel on before launching it in - Stoke win the second ball but a wayward cross-field pass sees possession go Wigan's way.

64 Etherington delivers a super corner which has Kingston tangled in all sorts of trouble but the Wigan shot-stopper gets away with it and Wigan clear.

63 Etherington, fresh from his lucky decision, finds Lawrence who tries to smash one but it deflects behind for a corner.

62 Steve Bruce races out of his dugout and is livid that Melchiot was not awarded a free-kick for Etherington's foul.

61 GREAT SHOT! The game is opening up as Figueroa finds himself in a shooting position and he lets fly! His shot goes inches past Sorensen's right-post.

60 GREAT SHOT! The corner comes out to Pugh on the edge of the box and the Stoke sub smashes it goalwards but it drifts narrowly over.

59 SUB: Cho comes off on his debut and Watson comes on, meanwhile Stoke have a corner with the home fans getting louder.

58 Stoke are appealing for a penalty but the ref says "no chance!"

57 Lawrence leads the counter and tries to find Fuller in the box, the striker shapes to shoot but Bramble comes out of nowhere to make a perfect if not risky challenge and Stoke have a corner.

56 Wigan work possession in the midfield, but the move breaks down as they try to find Rodallega and Stoke come on the counter.

55 Stoke's defending on the right is poor again as Wilkinson's error allows N'Zogbia a clear run at goal. The Frenchman gets into the box but Wilkinson chases back and does enough to put the Wigan man off when he goes for glory.

54 Sorensen hoofs it long to Fuller who does well to win a throw-in which elevates the noise levels in the stadium. Delap fires it in but Figueroa has it away. Stoke win another throw-in on the opposite side but again Wigan deal with it.

53 Sorensen goes long with a goal-kick but Whelan finds himself in bother and N'Zogbia comes on the counter. The midfielder tries to fire a high ball across goal, but Sorensen gathers.

52 The game goes slightly scrappy with both teams trying long-balls but hand possession to their opponent.

51 Figueroa picks up the ball on the left and he squeezes a cross into the penalty area. It finds Cattermole, who made a great run into the box, but the midfielder wasn't expecting it and the chance is wasted.

50 Steve Bruce's side also continue their failings in front of goal as they fail to break through Stoke's shifted second-half defence.

49 Wigan continue their possession dominance of the first half.

48 Stoke come on the attack with Fuller showing some good foot-work on the edge of the box, but Wigan deal with Etherington's cross. Sorensen picks up the loose ball but Wigan have a throw-in.

47 Stoke still have it, Whelan fires it wide to Lawrence who flights in a super cross but Kingston reads it and holds onto the ball.

46 Stoke get onto the ball using the crowd's support as an aid.

45 Wigan kick off the second half and it looks like Pugh will go left-back with Wilkinson going to right-back and Shawcross returning to the centre of defence.

45 SUB: The players have come out and Stoke have made a change - Pugh has come on for Cort.

Hello I'm back armed with Digestives, Custard doughnuts and a Banana - there's going to be no stopping me this half lol! The views from you guys has not been flowing as I hoped is where you can find me if you do have any.

47 N'Zogbia fizzes it in but Stoke clear and that's half-time. Cho came the closest of both teams to break the deadlock but it's goalless at the interval. Right I'm off to scoff anything I can get my hands onto. Back in five.

46 Only one more minute to play and Wigan have possession. The flag goes up and Faye has given Wigan the chance to have one more attack before the end of the half.

45 Scharner shows plenty of determination to chase after a long-ball, but he gets no reward as Faye sees it out for a goal-kick.

44 Figueroa and N'Zogbia, who have looked good together this season, fail to impress this time and Stoke have possession. The hosts give it straight back to their opponents though.

43 Stoke have a throw-in, Delap finds Beattie in the box but he's marshalled off the ball and Wigan come on the counter.

42 Wigan have a corner which Rodallega strangely takes. The striker should stay in the six-yard box - that corner was woeful and Stoke have a goal-kick.

41 What is Figueroa doing? A foul throw from the left-back hands possession back to the hosts.

40 Faye has the ball in his own half, he finds Wilkinson who pumps it long but it comes straight back and Cort is forced to kick it out for a throw-in. Fuller is complaining about Boyce's challenge.

39 The game fizzes out for a minute and Pulis is out on the touchline calling his players on to keep their focus.

38 Beattie picks up the ball and goes on a fantastic run into the box, he turns Figueroa and cuts the ball back to Fuller who tries to shoot first time but messes it up completely and the chance goes begging.

36 Rodallega, who shakes off the knock, tries a volley with the ball coming over his shoulder but it misses its mark and Stoke have a goal-kick.

35 Delap, fresh from his arm-assisted throw-in goal, fires into a challenge on Rodallega. Nothing is given although, for me, that was a definite booking if not a foul at least.

34 DISALLOWED GOAL! Delap launches it into the box, a Stoke man challenges Kingston for the ball, but the ball sails over the pair of them and nestles in the back of the net. There was no other touch so I doesn't count and a foul might have been given.

33 Stoke however work possession to the right Lawrence tries to find a man at the back post. Melchiot has it but he is under pressure and he concedes a throw-in.

32 Delap launches it in but Cho heads it away as the Stoke front-two continue to see little of the ball in the attacking third.

31 Stoke work possession slowly down the left and have a throw-in.

30 Stoke become sloppy on the ball and hand possession back to Figueroa who finds Rodallega and he tries to smash a shot from way out but he balloons it over.

29 The corner is wasted as it curled out before coming back into play. Stoke go long with the goal-kick and keep possession until Delap concedes a free-kick for a push in the back.

28 A scrappy couple of minutes have just occurred but Wigan have a good chance here after winning a corner.

26 Wigan try to give Stoke a taste of their own medicine with an attacking throw-in, but the hosts come on a swift counter with Lawrence and Etherington combining. But FIgueroa stands his ground and wins a goal-kick for the visitors.

25 Figueroa deals with Kingston's poor pass expertly by delivering a great long-ball to Scharner. There was nothing expert about Melchiot's cross which flies out for a goal-kick.

24 Stoke go long to Beattie but the Potters striker concedes a foul of his own and Wigan have a free-kick which Kingston will take.

23 Wigan lose the ball in their own half, but win it back quickly with Scharner involved.Rodallega gives away a free-kick for a foul on Delap.

22 Cattermole concedes a free-kick on Etherington - he won the ball but came through the player.

21 Cho tries another long-distance effort but this one is a million miles away from goal. Wigan are edging this match at the moment for me.

20 GREAT SAVE! Wigan pass the ball well in the centre of the park, Cho hits it first time and Sorensen pushes his 30 yarder onto the bar and Wigan have a corner.

19 Bramble struggles to deal with the free-kick and is lucky as Beattie's shot deflects away from danger.

18 A scrappy minute of long-balls occurred just and Rodallega is given offside.

17 A good build-up from Stoke results in Beattie scuffing a long-distance shot.

16 Stoke take a quick throw-in as they look to make a swift attack but Shawcross cocks it up. Stoke earn another throw-in however. Wigan clear this one and Sorensen picks up the loose ball.

15 Stoke have the ball in Wigan's half. Shawcross fires a cross into the box, Melchiot makes a struggling clearance which finds Whelan and the midfielder hits it first time and drags his shot wide.

14 That was a decent penalty shout for me as Bramble tries his luck from over 40 yards and skies his effort.

13 Cho gets onto the ball again and this time threads a low through-ball to Scharner. The Wigan man tries to turn Faye and goes down in the box. His appeals fall on deaf ears.

12 Wigan pick up the ball in their own half, they switch it left-to-right and maintain possession in the middle of the park. Cho tries a long-ball into the box but it's easy for Sorensen.

11 Melchiot is forced to concede a throw-in in his own half, Wigan deal with the delivery - hoofing it long. Stoke pick the ball up on the left but Beattie's one-two attempt with Fuller doesn't come off to the sighs of the home fans.

10 Stoke get on the ball and win a free-kick which Lawrence takes quickly but Wigan win a throw-in deep in their own half.

9 It's quite a breezy afternoon here at the Britannia as Sorensen miss-cues a clearance.

8 The corner flag is the first casualty of the day after Fuller's chase for the ball resulted in the the flag being KO'd.

7 Lawrence and Delap combine to win Stoke's first attacking throw-in of the match. It comes to nothing however.

6 Rodallega chases after a lost cause and it's in vein as Stoke have a goal-kick.

5 Wigan continue their bright start (similar to their kit) with Cattermole threading a ball to Scharner, who seems to be playing like a striker today but the Latics man is offside.

4 Wigan's players are being greeted with boos every time they touch the ball and they lose the ball, maybe due to the noise of the home fans.

3 Stoke come on the offensive, Wilkinson putting pressure on Boyce but a corner is strangely not given. Wigan come away with the ball.

2 Wigan pick up the ball in their own half and go long looking for Rodallega who flicks it into the path of Scharner. The versatile player smashes a shot goalwards but Sorensen gathers.

1 Wigan get onto the ball with an early throw, but Stoke win back possession with Sorensen on the ball.

0 Kick off: Stoke get us under way to a noisy rumbling from the home faithful.

Paul Gibney writes in: "Seems like an age since Wigan won a game. The players owe it to Steve Bruce, Wigan to win 2-0." Dan Henthorn claims the final score will be Stoke 0 Wigan 10 - That would be an interesting write-up for me!

If you fancy an Elliot Ball recommended SKYBET I suggest a 40/1 punt on Rodallega grabbing the first goal in a 1-1 draw.

Our associates SKYBET have the following odds for today's game: Stoke 5/4, Draw 9/4, Wigan 15/8

Stoke guaranteed a second season in the Premier League with their win at Hull last week, but boss Tony Pulis has warned his players not to surrender to the temptations of complacency ahead of the arrival of 11th-placed Wigan at the Britannia Stadium.which leads me to today's betting.

So surprise selections for both teams with Cort for Stoke and Cho for Wigan coming into the respective sides. Today's referee is Lee Probert (Wiltshire). Don't forget to send your emails into me today at, I'm keen to here from both sides of this contest on their assessments on their seasons.

As I write, Manchester United have sewn the league up with a draw against Arsenal, here's the team-news:

Stoke: Sorensen, Shawcross, Abdoulaye Faye, Cort, Wilkinson, Lawrence, Delap, Whelan, Etherington, Beattie, Fuller. Subs: Simonsen, Olofinjana, Cresswell, Pugh, Diao, Kelly, Tonge.

Wigan: Kingson, Melchiot, Boyce, Bramble, Figueroa, Scharner, Cho, Brown, Cattermole, N'Zogbia, Rodallega. Subs: Pollitt, Edman, Mido, Watson, Koumas, De Ridder, McManaman.

Good Afternoon and welcome to our coverage of Stoke v Wigan from the Britannia Stadium. I'm Elliot and I'll be your eyes and ears for the next few hours.

Kick-off is at 1500 BST.

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World Cup Group G

Pos Team Pld Pts
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