Stoke Ramblers 0-7 Preston A

13 October 2010 03:18
Ramblers improve on previous defeat champions Preston Stoke Ramblers may have lost this game but the day was a success as another healthy turnout in players was also rewarded with an improved result on last months 10-0 defeat at Preston. Preston are reigning league champions, have a 100% record this season, and are regarded as the best their is in the league so the Ramblers knew they were up against it from the start. It was the Ramblers first ever home game, played at Fenton Manor, and although nineteen players turned up for Ramblers, only five had played the original game against Preston. The side was, however, similar to the one that played against Portly Vale in the Ramblers only other game. Stoke, bouyed by news of an upcoming double header against Crewe and Manchester United on the 23rd and 24th October, started well and matched their illustrious opponents throughout the game, with the main difference between the sides being the visitors superior finishing and fitness. After conceding an early goal, the Ramblers stemmed the tide andwere searching for an equaliser up to half time but three quick goals killed the game. There was another lull after the break as Ramblers again pushed for a goal, one that would be a mere consolation now though, but three more strikes, in the last fifteen minutes put the gloss on yet another impressive victory for the Preston A side. Ramblers will take a number of positives from the game, and also the fact that they scored two own goald and also conceded another goal via a penalty, signs that the score could have been a lot closer had the silly mistakes been cut out.