Pulis Urges FA Bosses To Ban Cheats

29 October 2010 11:39
TP looks for action to be taken against divers Pulis has called for a three match ban for players who dive and cheat if there is hard video evidence to back it up.  He also recently called on the Professional Footballers' Association to remind their members of the importance of fair play.   Pulis has been unhappy at the way players throw themselves to the floor even before contact has been made, Pulis recently hit out at Joey Barton for feigning injury after Stokes recent  2-1 victory at Newcastle  He is now calling on the football association to get tough on these offenders.   Pulis said: "I see players simulating (to win) free-kicks and falling over and putting enormous pressure on referees. That's an area we have to look at and an area we have to address. If you catch a player who has cheated I think you should be banned for three games. If you get someone who goes in the box and falls over and cheats, you've got enough video replays now to show the fella's cheated. If you've got a team and three or four of their players are falling over and staying down till the opposition player's booked and then jumping up, or he's trying to gain an unfair advantage, it's enormous pressure on referees."      Pulis also stressed that the offside rule needs to cleared up, as it is leading to attacking teams gaining an unfair advantage.     Pulis said: "I just think it should be cleared up. It's too open.   "The referees and the linesmen I think sometimes are making it up as they go along. I think they're always trying to favour the attacking team. That's fair in terms of entertainment, but when you're a professional football club and you work very, very hard on trying to organise teams and you put teams out to defend properly, it affects you, and I think it is an area which has to be cleared up once and for all. For me, if there's a player in the way of the goalkeeper and if he's not interfering with play he shouldn't be on the pitch. He's on the pitch, so he's interfering with play."