Pulis calls for action on divers

29 October 2010 08:30
Stoke manager Tony Pulis wants players who dive to be punished with three-match bans if video evidence proves their guilt. Pulis recently called on the Professional Footballers' Association to remind their members of the importance of fair play. He has been infuriated by seeing players throw themselves over before any contact and is now calling on the Football Association to get tough with offenders. Pulis said: "I see players simulating (to win) free-kicks and falling over and putting enormous pressure on referees. That's an area we have to look at and an area we have to address. "If you catch a player who has cheated I think you should be banned for three games. If you get someone who goes in the box and falls over and cheats, you've got enough video replays now to show the fella's cheated. "If you've got a team and three or four of their players are falling over and staying down till the opposition player's booked and then jumping up, or he's trying to gain an unfair advantage, it's enormous pressure on referees."

Source: PA