Pulis big on proper tackling - Matteo

14 October 2010 12:38
Dominic Matteo claims Tony Pulis is a stickler for "fair and proper tackling" that would never send Stoke out to break any rules.[LNB] Stoke have found themselves at the centre of some unwanted attention recently following comments from Fulham midfielder Danny Murphy.[LNB]Murphy named Pulis as one of three managers - the others being Mick McCarthy and Sam Allardyce - that sends out his team "so pumped up there is inevitably going to be problems".[LNB]However, Matteo, who played under Pulis for Stoke, says the Welshman is always insistent his players follow the rules.[LNB]"I know what was said inside the dressing room at Stoke City and on the training pitch," he said in his column for the Yorkshire Evening Post.[LNB]"Any suggestion that Tony Pulis pushes the rules beyond the limit is miles from the truth.[LNB]"As a manager he's as fair as they come and I wouldn't say that if I didn't mean it.[LNB]"As far as underhand tactics go, if the cap fits then a manager should wear it. It doesn't fit Tony.[LNB]"This is not a debate about style because, as anyone can see, his tactics are not the prettiest.[LNB]"But flagrant with the rules or the spirit of the game? I can't go along with that. Pulis never sent us out to injure or rough up the opposition. If anything, he was big on fair and proper tackling. [LNB]"You might not believe me but that's how is was. He wouldn't have tolerated players crossing the line deliberately.[LNB]"As far as Danny Murphy's comments go, I agree with half of what he said. You do see reckless tackles and you do get the feeling from time to time that a few footballers are out of order. [LNB]"But I can't accept the opinion that teams who go out with a fair strategy for containing the opposition are somehow ruining the game. [LNB]"And you can't tell me that Danny's Fulham haven't done that from time to time."

Source: Team_Talk