Prolific burglar faces jail term

11 September 2009 03:41
A man who tricked his way into the homes of elderly people and stole £39,000 has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to burgle.Kevin McGuire, 27, of Le Grende Street, Bolton, plotted 35 raids in Stoke-on-Trent, Birmingham and Macclesfield between March and October 2008. [LNB]McGuire was told he faced a substantial jail term and was remanded in custody. [LNB]He admitted planning a raid on blind man Kenneth Myatt, 85, who died after his Birmingham home was burgled. [LNB]Married father-of-four McGuire denied being present at the burglary but Mr Myatt died of kidney damage following the raid. [LNB]Police said they believed he had been attacked by the two men who took part in the crime. [LNB]'A tragedy'[LNB]His niece Heather Lloyd-Jones said: "He was a great loss to our family. We miss him very much. [LNB]"It was just a tragedy the way it happened but I really want to see justice for all the other old people who've been treated the same way. [LNB]"I'd say to them all to be on their guard. Don't let anybody into your house unless you're absolutely sure of their identification." [LNB]The court heard McGuire, who will be sentenced on 1 October, would pretend to be an official in order to gain entry to elderly people's properties. [LNB]Det Insp Richard Mayhew, of West Midlands Police, said it was "likely" that Mr Myatt's death was related to the burglary at his house. [LNB]He added: "I feel that the offences are quite horrific. He preyed on old people in the twilight of their lives, vulnerable people, where he's tricked his way into premises and stolen from them."

Source: BBC_Sport