Official Boothen Roar Put-A-Name-To-A-Face Day - 27th November

14 October 2010 03:54
Big meet up planned for all involved with The Boothen Roar The 27th November has been chosen as the first put-a-face-to-the-name day for the Boothen Roar. The itinery is as follows:- The Stoke Ramblers will be playing Motley Crewe at home, ko 11am, in an IFA league fixture- Then to Delilahs for an hour before the game, approx 1.30-2.30- Watch Stoke v Manchester City, ko 3pm- After game off to Delilahs/Powerleague for more message board bonding , approx 5-7pm- Off for a Curry, approx 8-10pm- Off out up 'Anley Duck or Newcastle to get plastered, approx 10-well god knows when I will be present and hopefully all reporters and columnists will also be present, as well as the Stoke Ramblers and Hardly Athletic players, with a number of posters on the message board already confirming their attendance. Obviously not everyone is going to be able to do everything on there but all are welcome to come and introduce themselves and take part in as much as they wish!