Mutual respect for Pulis and Holloway

10 December 2010 09:00
Stoke boss Tony Pulis believes he and Blackpool counterpart Ian Holloway are flying the flag for old-school football values. Both men began their playing days at Bristol Rovers - something Pulis believes shaped their careers and their personalities. Their sides meet at the Britannia Stadium on Saturday and Pulis said: "We were brought up at a very traditional club. You can't say old fashioned, they say, you've got to say traditional. But whichever you say, Bristol Rovers was that way. "Nothing was given to us, we had to work for everything. Basic principles, on and off the pitch, were really, really drilled into us." Holloway offered some mutual appreciation to the Potters boss. He said: "Look at what Tony does and how he does it. You just have to look at the fact he has never got relegated in any job he has ever had, which is quite unbelievable."

Source: PA