About This Jarvis Situation.....

27 June 2012 12:48
It's been an interesting couple of days just passed, not least was the news that Jez Moxey had denied that Stoke have made any sort of contact with Wolves regarding the availability of Matt Jarvis.

Of course, there is nothing coming from Stoke as to whether the club have approached Wolves or not, there never is when it comes to things like this, Tony Pulis loves keeping things secret.

But why has Moxey not done the same? He has been telling the local press in Yam Yam land that there has been no contact, but has there?

Can’t say that Moxey was top of the list of people that I trusted when he was at Stoke. I, like many other fans, have been frustrated by some of the stuff that he told us which never came about or just the opposite happened when the dear man was at our club.

As to whether Stoke have tested the water with Jarvis, ask yourself this: If you were in his position would you tell fans of your club that a rival club had been in contact with a view to signing one of, if not their best player? Especially when you are trying to sell season tickets.

I don’t feel we have heard the last of this one, not saying Mr Moxey is telling porkies, I just have that feeling that Pulis will pull out all the stops this time around to land a player that he much admires.

I’d bet my bestest 41er conker on this one.