10 years ago today: £1.3 Million offer for Thorne

24 August 2011 10:11
Stoke star striker Thorne, who averages a goal per 2 and a half games for the potters since he arrived over 5 years ago has attracted intrest from Cardiff - 1.3 Million has been offered for the striker. The club that took Kavanagh from the potters a month ago has now put in an offer for Fans favourite Peter Thorne, but Gudjon is hoping that the board resist a further offer which is expected to be up and around the 1.5 million mark.City have already told the blue birds that 1.3 million would not be enough for the striker and are awaiting Cardiff's next move.Thorne said that he wasn't looking to leave - but it could be agreed that if Cardiff came in with a big amount of money for the club and the doubling or even tripling of the strikers wages - it would be highly likely that Thorne would go in the intrests of himself and Stoke.Kavanagh, who in order to better himself in a first division or premiership team and give himself a better chance of being in the Ireland line-up joined Cardiff a month ago - and in the interview in the Sentinel stated "I think Thorne would be a good buy for Cardiff - This club has alot of ambition, thats why i moved here" - In other words "Im using this interview to make excuses so the crowd dont hate me when i come back to the britannia stadium".See this weeks poll and air your view on the Thorne offer.