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The future's bright

07 Nov 2012 18:54:49

The future's bright

As Hearts claim they could fold within weeks, the future appears to be rather rosier in Paisley going by the club's annual accounts, which were sent to shareholders this week.

I won't see a copy of them myself until the weekend, however it seems we made a loss of about £290,000 last season. This doesn't sound too good but apparently includes depreciation of just over £300,000 so it could be argued we made a slight profit.

The wage bill has increased by £27,000 but as turnover went up by £130,000 this isn't too big an issue. The increase works out at an extra player at about £500 so is pretty impressive when you compare last season's squad with the one that went before it!

Also in the accounts is a bit more news about plans for the ground, including fitting out the void in the stand and putting a cover over the five-a-side pitches, which could then be rented out to other clubs to raise money.

Armageddon? Not in Paisley!

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