Winger talks tomorrow

14 March 2013 07:43
Saints boss Danny Lennon will meet with Sander Puri and his people tomorrow as he bids to sign the Estonian international.

The winger has been on trial with Saints all week and joined them at their two day training camp in St Andrews. He seems to have done enough to impress Lennon and an attempt will be made to sign the 24-year-old on Friday.

If things go throw then Puri, who has been capped 47 times by his country, could be involved on Sunday's League Cup Final. Lennon is probably in a "damned if you do" situation in that if Puri plays and we lose, folk will say he shouldn't have - whereas if he's left out and Hearts win, people will say he should have played!

Of course, if we win then I suspect few people will be bothered about what has happened with Puri.

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