Ticketing issues addressed

19 February 2013 07:08
In the last 24 hours Saints have taken a number of steps to fix the problems that had arisen after the League Cup Final tickets went on sale yesterday afternoon.

Tickets are still only available online to season ticket holders and there is still a limit of six, however the west stand problem has been fixed. At one point yesterday adult tickets for this section could only be bought with a child ticket but this appears to have been an error, with anyone now able to buy tickets for this section - whether or not you have kids.

Bulk buying with season tickets has also partially been addressed. Last night anyone with an account for the online ticket system could only buy six tickets, regardless of how many season tickets were associated with their account. Anyone wanting to use more than one season ticket to order briefs (for example, to buy 12 with two) can do so by heading to the ticket office, calling 0141 8406130 or e-mailing tickets@saintmirren.net

Still not perfect but better than it was. Anyone still having issues should check out the handy Q&A at http://www.saintmirren.net/pages/?p=20690 Alternatively, just head to www.smfctickets.co.uk and make sure you'll be at the big game.

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Source: Mirren MAD