Squad numbers released

06 July 2013 01:01
On loan goalie David Cornell looks set to start the season as Saints' first choice keeper after being handed the number one shirt, while a few other players have changed their squad numbers.

Cornell was borrowed from Swansea on Monday at the same time Christopher Dilo arrived from Blackburn. The fact Cornell will were one, while Dilo will wear 30, suggests it's the Welshman who'll be the goalie at the start of the season

Fellow new signing Gary Harkins wears eight - Jon Robertson changing to 15 - with Kealan Dillon getting 20. Many of last year's squad are keeping the same number but John McGinn will now wear seven, Kenny McLean 11 and Thomas Reilly 17.

Some of the youngsters have moved up to fill the vacant slots but numbers three, 12, 16 and 19 are among those unallocated. Fingers crossed we'll have some new signings to take those numbers shortly.

For the full list see http://www.saintmirren.net/pages/?p=24756

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Source: Mirren MAD