Some common sense on reconstruction

07 May 2013 06:42
It looks like there will be a new set-up in Scottish football next season after all - just weeks after we were told it was the 8-8-8 abomination or nothing.

We were repeatedly told there could be cherry picking of the good bits of the proposals ourselves and Ross County previously voted down - yet at today's meeting of SPL clubs that's exactly what has happened. Certain individuals in Scottish football should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for their lying and bullying in a bid to get what the previous plans through. However, I won't hold my breath waiting on them apologising to us for booting out the original ridiculous proposal.

The new plan - which could be in place for next season - would see the 12-10-10-10 set-up will remain. However, the SPL and SFL will merge, there will be better cash distribution, a play-off between the SPL and the first division and a pyramid structure.

On the face of it this is all positive, but it remains to be seen what the more detailed proposals involve. Hopefully an end to the ridiculous voting structure, which is what annoyed Saints chairman Stewart Gilmour so much the first time.

The SPL clubs will vote on the proposals later this month and I'm guessing the SFL will do the same. Hopefully they find favour and people don't vote them out - for valid reasons or spite - and we can finally move on.

Finally, you could argue the SPL have played a blinder on this. 18 months ago they'd have been laughed at if their reconstruction proposals involved keeping the same 12-10-10-10 system we currently have. Now it's being hailed as a great idea.

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