Saints oppose reconstruction proposals

08 April 2013 07:30
Saints have revealed they will be voting against the proposed 12-12-18 set-up for Scottish football at a meeting of SPL club's next week.

The proposals involve a number of changes, including a pyramid structure and better distribution of cash. These ones seem fine, but the idea to have two leagues of 12 which become three leagues of eight is the one most fans are opposed to.

In a rather detailed statement this morning the Saints directors announced they would vote against the plans and explained their reasons why. There is no point going into it here as I agree with just about every word - surely a first! Check it out at

There is a general acceptance Ross County will also vote no and that should be enough to scupper the plans. It is somewhat ironic that the 11-1 voting structure our board have an issue with will be used to vote out these ridiculous proposals! I have been hoping for some time a club would stand up and I'm delighted ours has stepped up to the plate. Just as long as we don't propose SPL 2 as an alternative.

The announcement drew support from most Saints fans and also supporters of other clubs. A few were annoyed for valid reasons while many fans are letting their paranoia getting the better of them and screaming conspiracy as Rangers chief executive Charles Green was at our game against Celtic the other week. It's not even worth dignifying the rest of their madness with any analysis!

Saints chairman Stewart Gilmour, along with Dundee CEO Scott Gardiner, were on Sportsound this evening discussing the proposals. I haven't listened to it but it seems to have been rather heated so I'll maybe shove another article up when I've listened to the podcast.

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