Saints and Newcastle unite

22 November 2012 06:52
Premiership youngsters will be heading to Paisley after Saints agreed a partnership deal with Newcastle United that will see them take Magpies starlets on loan.

For the past few years SPL clubs have been borrowing young players from clubs down south but it's something that Saints had pretty much missed out on until Paul Dummett arrived this season. That was almost certainly as a result of Tommy Craig's contacts - as was the capture of Lewis Guy - and it looks like it will be happening on a more regular basis thanks to this new agreement.

One of the first players expected to come to the club is Conor Newton. The midfielder, who has had a few injury problems, could be in Paisley as soon as January if he agrees to a move north.

The deal makes sense for everyone - we get some decent players while Newcastle and their players get some first team experience at a high level.

Story source: The Paisley Daily Express

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