Progress on the ticketing front

11 March 2013 07:13
The ticketing farce that has engulfed Sunday's League Cup Final may be reaching a conclusion with Saints "hopeful" of some developments in the next few days.

The club, Hearts and the SFL have been in discussions over what to do about the problems, which have hit the family section at Hampden. These will continue - although time is running out rather quickly!

Things errupted on Friday when it emerged the final 3,500 tickets Saints were due would be handed over to Hearts. They were replaced with a few thousand more expensive briefs - not much good when the ones we should have had were for the far cheaper family section.

The SFL have so far kept silent on the matter, not even putting someone up on Sportsound on Saturday. There it emerged the final section cannot be segregated but there was nothing explaining why Saints had been handed the tickets in the first place only to have them taken away.

Story source: The Official St. Mirren Website

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