Morecambe offer compensation

27 June 2013 07:12
Morecambe have offered to compensate Saints fans who had already made plans for the cancelled friendly between the sides.

The game - due to take place next month - was cancelled yesterday when Morecambe decided they'd rather play Wigan that day. Saints fans were understandably annoyed at this and, having had a quick glance at one of their forums, it seems Morecambe fans were too.

In a statement this afternoon Morecambe have revealed they'll pay back anyone who had already booked travel or accomodation. Anyone affected should check out http://www.saintmirren.net/pages/?p=24616 to see how they should get their money back.

It's a nice gesture from Morecambe but one they should never have had to make as they should have fulfilled the fixture.

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Source: Mirren MAD