Hampden tickets kind of on sale

18 February 2013 06:58
Tickets for next month's League Cup final against Hearts at Hampden have gone on sale - but message boards are already full of Buddies who have had problems buying their briefs.

The club announced this afternoon that as the physical tickets had not yet arrived they would open up online sales to existing season ticket holders. Fair enough - except you can only choose a block, rather than a specific seat, this way, while there will probably be a few season ticket holders who don't have internet access.

Another bone of contention is that each season ticket holder is limited to just six tickets each. Some people who had arranged to buy 30 or 40 tickets are rather annoyed about this. Personally I can see it both ways as there is an outside chance of season ticket holders not being able to go if there was no limit, while a limit of seven per holder technically wouldn't be enough to go around. On the other hand, not every season ticket holder will want six, thus reducing the restricted availability problem.

That's not the end of the issues either, with people who have more than one season ticket associated with their online account still only able to buy six tickets. It also seems to be restricting folk to the more expensive south stand seats unless you have kids, at which case you'll be allowed to buy tickets for the much larger, cheaper west stand section.

A fair number of teething problems then that could do with being sorted pretty quickly. Tickets can be bought online at http://www.smfctickets.co.uk/, with season ticket holders having until Wednesday, February 27 to buy theirs, at which point they'll go on general sale. There's still no word of when they'll be on sale at the ticket office rather than online.

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