Delay on Dutch deals

01 May 2012 06:45
Any hope of getting Nigel Hasselbaink and Jeroen Tesselaar tied up quickly looks to have gone after initial contract negotiations with the duo broke down.

The problem, as is so often the case, is money. With the pair's Dutch agent finally arriving this week after numerous stories he was coming to Scotland in a few days it was hoped things could be sorted pretty quickly, with manager Danny Lennon saying a few weeks ago the Tesselaar deal was a formality.

However, it seems that Tesselaar and Hasselbaink's agent wants more money for his client than the club is prepared to pay. Lennon is hopeful something can be worked out but the initial signs aren't good.

Tesselaar and Hasselbaink have been fine acquisitions since arriving in the summer, the former producing a man of the match display against Hibs on Sunday, and are firm favourites with the fans. Let's hope something comes out with both of them as we could do without having to find a couple of replacements.

Story source: The Paisley Daily Express

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