Cup final ticketing farce

09 March 2013 11:04
Having managed to sell 14,000 tickets for next weekend's League Cup Final, Saints have now discovered they are not to receive the final 3,500 tickets they were originally allocated.

It emerged earlier this week that if Saints didn't get within touching distance of the 14,000 mark within the next few days the SFL would hand the remaining tickets for the west stand at Hampden over to Hearts. This seemed fair enough, but with ticket sales closing in on that margin on Thursday night it looked like the problem would be averted.

Imagine the surprise of everyone at Saints - directors and supporters - when it was revealed yesterday that these tickets would be handed over to Hearts after all - even though they haven't sold out their initial allocation. A few thousand extra seats have been found for Saints fans but these are the posh ones in the debenture section and will cost £30 with no concessions. The extra tickets we should have got would have cost £20 with reduced prices for kids.

As of yet the SFL has yet to explain the thinking behind this decision but it seems ridiculous and extremely unfair. They were the only governing body to come out of the summer Rangers shambles with any credit in my eyes but they've managed to wipe that out in the last few days.

The club have released a strongly worded statement this morning expressing their anger, which can be found here: They are also offering anyone who ends up in the debenture section reduced tickets for the Celtic game at the end of the March - and free tickets for children - which helps soften the blow slightly, but is still far from ideal.

Last time we made the League Cup Final the build up was overshadowed by some nonsense about player bonuses. At least the shambles this time around isn't of our own making.

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